AOC 3D E-LED TV A5720 – An All Dimensional in depth review!

Are the days of 3D LED TVs over? Or are they here to stay because of the new price cuts everywhere due to the 4k TV. Well, to answer that shortly I would definitely say that 3D TVs are here to stay and with most of the latest Hollywood movies being filmed in 3D, going with a 3D TV would always be a future proof option. Finding a 3D TV that offered all-round features for an economic price was difficult; we came across models from the Samsung 6 series that started with a price tag of 55,000 INR and the Sony and the LG models started from 58,000 and upwards, while the screen real estate for all these models bordered around 40 to 42 inches. We found this size optimum since it sits right between the small 32 inches which does not give the immersive feeling while watching 3D content and the 50 inches which requires that you have a bigger room in order to sit at the sweet spot distance for an effective depth perception.


After a brain storming round of discussion, we decided to get the AOC 3D E-LED TV A5720; the E LED refers to the edge lighting LED, which is the LED set up in pretty much all the TVs in the market now, although there are a few exceptions which use a full LED panel (God bless them!). Once the TV is all set up and sitting comfortably in its stand, it looks gorgeous and classy with the AOC logo imprinted on a chrome bar that runs beneath the screen. The TV is a simplistic neat and clean design which everyone would like, and it is really slim which is something we didn’t expect from a 42 inch TV that hardly cost us 45,000 INR (prices on Snapdeal change day to day). The build quality is at place and we really liked the two tone silver and black stand.

Switching the TV on, a gorgeous 1080p screen lit up, the colors were excellent with good saturation, the brightness at 50 percent was adequate even in daylight conditions. The TV offers you 2 HDMI ports and a USB port, along with VGA ports and the normal analog connection ports that you would find on all TVs.

We plugged in a USB and most video formats were easily supported, except ‘mkv’. The connectivity might seem low, but you can always connect your HD set top box to the analog connections and still have the 2 HDMIs to use for your accessories.

This is not a “Smart TV” (Read as lame gimmick) and will not provide you with applications, but you can always buy an android stick for 4000 bucks and make it a smart TV or connect your laptop through HDMI like we did. We could not obtain the exact specification, but we can guarantee you that it has a minimum of 60Hz refresh rate, because we were able to use a HDMI V1.3 cable and obtain an input of 1080p at 60Hz. The general TV programs are usually beamed at this frequency, so that shouldn’t be a problem. We are not certain about the maximum refresh rate although we expect it to be bordering around 100Hz, which is pretty decent. Also, we did not observe any type of ghosting even in fast paced sequences as in sports channels.

Now coming to the USP of this device: 3D capability. AOC 42inch uses the FPR technology, generally known as Passive 3D which is commonly used in LG and Vizio TVs while Samsung and Sony predominantly use Active 3D. Passive 3D has lightweight circularly polarized glass similar to the one you would receive in a theatre, while the Active 3D uses battery powered LCD screens that work in sync with the TVs refresh rate. I will cover the discussion between which is the best in another article also highlighting some of the myths existing around this technology including the one in  which it is suggested that Passive 3D TV only provides 540p images.

This review is being written after a month of use, so that we can get a real feel for the TV and not just some initial first hand impression. The TV was excellent for day to day use and in this past month, we watched a movie every weekend which included Avatar, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Journey to the Mysterious Island, Ice Age 4, Ghost Rider 3D, The Adventures of Tintin and Gravity. To be honest, this TV nails it! Watching whole 3D movies was a delight. The depth was good and pop out effects were great, we had very minimal eye strain. The color accuracy and the brightness were great as well. Initially we noticed some crossover when we sat too close to the TV (Intentionally), but once we sat 6 to 7 feet away from the TV, there was virtually no crossover of images and the 3D was seamless. In the early days, 3D were used as gimmick but right after the movie Avatar, people started focusing on providing depth into their videos that went behind the screen instead of just gimmicky pop ups. So it makes sense why the world would positively move in the direction of 3D technology.

To wind it up, the 42 incher from AOC armed with 3D gets our vote! On the whole, it has a very good value for money, unless you are brand obsessed! We hope to see more of such VFM products from many brands in the future.

Written by Abhishek

Edited by Kemmy