ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini Launched in Amazon

ZTE launched its first Nubia branded phone in India yesterday, dubbed as the Nubia Z9 Mini. The device aims at the upper mid-range market in India and has very good specifications. But its unique features are what makes it stand out. You can read about the Nubia Z9 Mini’s technical specifications here and it is available exclusively on Amazon.

The Nubia Z9 Mini is equipped with a camera unit provided by Sony, and Nubia is very confident that this unit will be one of the best in the market. The 16 MP camera has a very good sensor size of 1/2.6 inch which is comparable to the flagship Microsoft Lumia, Samsung Galaxy Note and Sony Xperia devices in the market. Needless to say, the sensor is based on the latest CMOS type and Nubia touts that it has a variable aperture which ranges from f/2.0 to f/44.

Variable aperture allows for longer shutter speeds (read slower shutter speeds) without over exposure, which leads to creating image patterns like Star Trail and light painting, which were earlier possible only with a DSLR or a very good compact camera. The variable exposure was earlier seen on the Huawei Honor 6 Plus, but that was presumably achieved in a different way, when compared with the Nubia Z9 Mini. The camera interface also looks very similar to the Lumia Camera app, which is a good thing.

The overall look of the Nubia Z9 Mini is also very appealing, it has a striking resemblance to the iPhone 6, and it even has a circular home button at the bottom which is lit in red, to give it a premium look and feel. However, there are many other things to look at.

In terms of performance, the device is on par with the Xiaomi Note 4i and should provide a consistent lag free experience for day to day use. For an asking price of INR 16,999 the Nubia Z9 Mini does seem to be priced on the higher side, but the features and perks it offers seem to justify the cost. Whether the Nubia’s first device in India is a success or not, is yet to be seen and we wish ZTE Nubia all the best.

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