Lenovo Laser Projector Phone Released

Device-makers and Technology leaders seem to be hell bent on expanding your handheld screen to proportions, such that are really not handheld any more. These companies just want to bring the display out of its limitations. What about a display that could be projected on the wall, or your table, and what if it is touch sensitive?

Be it a Microsoft HoloLens or the Occulus Rift, the motto remains the same, to bring in an interactive interface and a huge screen estate and it looks like Lenovo is joining the league with its revolutionary mobile projector technology. Yes, we know that you have heard about mobile projectors a couple of years ago, and there was nothing revolutionary about them, but trust us, this time its going to be different and truly amazing. Presenting you the Lenovo laser projector phone!

The earlier projector equipped devices were based on the DLP projectors, generally used in pico projectors, but Lenovo has managed to squeeze a focus-free Laser projector into a structure that’s small enough to be fitted on a mobile device. Lenovo calls it the Smart Cast.

Laser projectors have a big advantage over the pico projectors since they have smaller minimal distance, accurate focusing, and do not require hardware optical components or motors to enable focusing, thereby doing away with the bulk and leading to a smaller form factor. Put this tech into a phone, and you have the Lenovo laser projector phone.

They are not limited to walls and can be projected on almost any surface. The Lenovo laser projector also had a projector cap which could be twisted to project the display at different angles. The Laser projectors from Lenovo also offer better interactive capabilities.

The footage shared by Lenovo shows that a specific object can be displayed on surfaces like table and can be interacted with, for example: One can open up a keyboard application and project it on the table for playing a tune, while reading the actual musical notes from the mobile’s display.

The Lenovo laser projector phone also has different other options. You can also choose to go full screen and play Fruit Ninja or any other game on the table’s surface (or any other surface that’s comfortable for you). The ability to interact is generally acquired by specialized front facing cameras that track gestures, much like the ones on the Microsoft HoloLens.

There has been no information about when the Smart Cast will be available on actual commercial devices. We hope that Lenovo manages to make the Smart Cast affordable because it looks like something revolutionary that will play a major role in steering the smartphone industry in a particular direction, much like the Apple iPhone did (love them or hate them, it is undeniable that Apple changed the entire smartphone landscape and made it into what it is today).

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