Ludicrous Mode Upgrade Comes To Tesla’s Flagship

Ludicrous Mode, because insane is too mainstream. This could be what Elon Musk thought, when he decided to give the already existing Tesla Model S P85D  a Ludicrous Mode upgrade. If you are wondering why it is called so, click here to see the Insane mode, which was already too hot to handle.

But Tesla, being a company that makes completely electric cars, attracting more customers is not an easy job. The Ludicrous Mode upgrade will be one such example. The first electric cars were not powerful at all, but Elon Musk busted the myth, and started making electric cars that were high on performance, such that they were even classified under the luxury car segment.

The Ludicrous Mode will power the Tesla Model S P85D to a whopping  0–60 mph (100kmph) in just 2.8 seconds. This is 0.3 seconds lesser than the Insane mode, which was only specific to the Model S P85D. However, the Ludicrous Mode is not easily attainable, and it comes at a good price.

The Ludicrous Mode upgrade will be specific to the P85D model alone. This is because it has AWD and it makes sense. Moreover, it costs $10,000, for which you can easily buy another car. But Tesla owners have always belonged to the elite class, and it is not a common man’s car, at least till now. Hence, the Ludicrous Mode upgrade would be welcomed by its owners.

“It’s faster than falling. It’s like having your own private roller coaster.”

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors said that the Ludicrous Mode will pin you to the seat at 1.1 Gs. The previous Insane mode was more of a software tweak, but for this, Tesla will have to upgrade the hardware. The Ludicrous Mode will put the car to test at high power, and this means that Tesla will have to change the fuse.

Looks like Musk was inspired by the ‘Space Balls’ Movie.

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