New Google Logo Released, But There is Still More

A new Google logo has been launched after a very long time, and Google has undergone its   first major design change since 2000. It is obvious that the new Google logo is the result of Sundar Pichai’s brain child, (a.k.a) the new CEO of Google.

New Google Logo Featured

There are mixed feelings about the new Google logo at the moment. A few people like it, while most don’t. However, Google has adapted to the latest design trend, using minimal graphics and brighter colors.

New Google Logo 2

Is the new Google logo a big deal? If you look at just the logo, we wouldn’t say that. The design is pretty much common, and it is something that even you and me could think of. But this is how Google is, it has always been simple, and the company does not really have to care about its graphic designs.

New Google Logo 4

Google is still going to be the most accessed website on the planet, but those developers are awesome. Google’s web pages are designed to be light, and they will load fast even if you connect with the slowest internet in the world.

New Google Logo 3

But if you noticed, there was a small message at the bottom of the search box. ‘We are updating Google’. This means that Google is undergoing a major change. Hope they did not steal Anmol Tukrel’s idea.

New Google Logo

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