Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 6S

    Believe it or not, Apple has been trying to catch up with Android for some time now, especially when it comes to hardware. But this is mostly due to the fact that Apple is a single entity competing against an enormous pool of Android brands which have varying device launch cycles. But with the Apple iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus, it seems to have turned the tables around. Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone 6S.

    Hardware and Design: Retention at its Best

    As always, Apple has retained the similar form factor of its previous flagship for the S branded device. It could also be an excellent business decision for the Cupertino giant to use the already established production lines and moulds to squeeze out more profits.

    Not to say that we don’t get new options, Apple has generously added a pinkish hue to its gold edition and now we have the stunning Rose Gold iPhone. (What an amazing functional feature!)

    When it comes to hardware, there is a slight twist, and the recent iPhones make a strong statement. Apple has used aerospace grade aluminium to build the chassis of its iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, the particular alloy is modelled as Series 7000. It is also worth mentioning that its the exact alloy used in aircraft construction and the aerospace industry. Apple hopes to eliminate the infamous Bendgate defect with its latest construction materials, although its effectiveness is yet to be tested.

    Apple also claims that the glass on top of the display is sturdier than its previous iterations and has a new chemical coating which ensures enhanced scratch resistance. But the Cupertino giant hasn’t spoken a word about the make of the glass or its contents, so at this point, we don’t really have a chance of figuring out whether it is a Sapphire glass or a Corning Gorilla Glass.

    Display, and 3D Touch: Not So Hot

    The display on the iPhone 6S is a similar 4.7-inch display we witnessed on the previous iteration and yes, it is a retina display. As speculated, Apple really did incorporate its Force Touch into the new iPhones, but the implementation is a slightly different variation of the Force Touch and is now called as the 3D Touch (it reminds us of Lumia McLaren). So far, new 3D Touch display appears to pop up secondary menus and new options during the long press.

    Apple iPhone 6S 3D touch

    It is basically just the same stuff any capacitive display would do, except that Apple decided to slap on some pressure sensors, add the “3D Touch” moniker. We are not sure if this is the extent to its functionality or whether its full potential is yet to be unlocked.
    But we were thoroughly impressed by the “Peeking in” functionality which brings out snippets of important information from emails and messages like the serial numbers and flight numbers. The convenience of being able to see them without field scanning through the entire text is amazing. It’s like Apple has reinvented the “hover over” functionality of the PC World into the mobile industry.

    Don’t get us wrong, the whole ForceTouch conception was revolutionary when it was introduced in the MacBook and changed the way we perceived using the touchpad. But the capability of the same technology in a capacitive display doesn’t really seem to make a difference in terms of functionality.

    We also find it weird that Apple chose to use Microsoft’s buzz words instead of its own, Apple generally creates buzz words that are not familiar with the public and that which the general masses can’t relate to. The “3D Touch” tag was already introduced long back by Microsoft for its Lumia McClaren and now it’s rumoured to arrived in the Lumia 950. It could be possible that Apple and Microsoft are teaming up on this one (although it’s highly unlikely).

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