New iPhone Is Boring, Says Man Who Invented Mobile Phones

Martin Cooper, the man who has led Motorola and also the man who invented the first cell phone, thinks the new iPhone is boring, as reported by Geekwire. During his visit to the virtual reality startup VR Studios located in Seattle, after trying the new virtual reality headset, he was asked what he thinks about the new iPhone.

“They’re struggling each generation to come up with something interesting. It’s a little bigger, has more pixels, more megahertz and people couldn’t care less. I think the future is the software. They have to figure out ways to make the phone essential.”- said Martin Cooper.

Martin Cooper with the first range of Motorla cell phones

When asked more about today’s mobile phones and that of the future, this is what Cooper said.

“The thought that you could roll all that into a cell phone was unimaginable. Yet, today you have all those things in there and I think we’re only just starting. We’re still in the game stage. Even though you can’t get along without your smartphone, there are not many essential services on your smartphone. They’re mostly convenience; you could live without it. Essential means you die without it. A gadget that warns you’re about to have a heart attack — that’s essential. We’re about to go into that phase with smartphones.”

It is a well-known fact that updates for Android come light years ahead of iOS. There are apps in Android that can detect heart rate by measuring color changes in your finger tip using the phone’s flash. Moreover, devices like the Samsung Galaxy S6 come with inbuilt “essential” apps.

Martin Cooper thinks that the new iPhone is boring and we couldn’t agree less. What do you think?