OneDrive Storage Reduced, Unlimited Option Snatched

Microsoft is in for the wrong news again. Last year, the company announced that its OneDrive cloud storage would be made unlimited for all Office 365 subscribers. But now, this has been reduced to 1TB. However, users will have one year’s time to move their files out, if it exceeds the aforementioned limit.

Microsoft OneDrive is being used by many people internationally, and the company’s sudden plan to cut down the option has left many users frustrated. Microsoft also offered 15GB of free storage space on OneDrive for all users with a Windows account. That has also been reduced to 5 GB.

The reason for this decision, according to Microsoft, is that users are misusing the cloud platform to store software, games and other files that the tech firm does not like. The 100 and 200 GB storage plans are also dropped. A new 50GB plan will be in place for $1.99 a month. No, thanks, Microsoft.

ONeDrive reduces storage

Though this could be a good move for Microsoft to avoid viruses into its cloud platform, the implications will make it lose its position among its competitors. Cloud storage is the storage of the future, and we find this move a bit disappointing.

A few other sources have cited different reasons for these restrictions, but we find Microsoft’s statements quite reasonable too. Well, this is what happens when you test the patience of a tech giant.