Apple Watch Launched on Flipkart in India

The much awaited Apple Watch has been launched on Flipkart in India today. Around 13 models of the smartwatch have been released, but it looks like 2 are available for sale.

The prices of the Apple Watch models on Flipkart range from Rs. 30,900 to 60,900. The main reason for the difference in price is the dial and the straps. The Sport version, as usual, costs the lowest, while the Apple Watches with leather and metal straps cost the highest.

Apple Watch 2

Apple’s sales had decreased in India, after it limited its products to Apple Stores, but now, this is a different move. It is clear that Apple is opening up to different platforms in India, and selling its products directly through different online retailers, but we are again not sure if this is a temporary strategy or a permanent one.

Apple Watch 1

The Apple Watch is one of the most sought after smartwatches in the world, and despite tech experts advising people that there is nothing special in it, Apple users want to wear one on their wrist just because of the brand name.

There are no details about the other products yet, but we could soon see the iPhone or iPad directly sold by Apple through other online retailers. Fingers crossed.