BJ Baldwin Recoil 3 Stunt Series is Back

Toyo Tires has released the BJ Baldwin Recoil 3 Stunt movie. The 3rd part of the famous Recoil series has already reached more than a million views on YouTube. BJ Baldwin follows Bruce the Sasquatch in a trail that goes through the forest, city and finally reaches the destination for a showdown.

The BJ Baldwin Recoil 3 movie features a lot of stunts and features the Pacific Northwest truck. Baldwin fights against all odds and sports some terrific jumps to get to his destination. The short movie ends with a huge jump at the end.

BJ Baldwin Recoil 3

Recoil 3 was preceded by Recoil 1 and Recoil 2. Many of the fans were not quite expecting a 3rd part, but Toyo Tires has surprised all of us. The YouTube description also says so.

If you thought you’d seen it all in RECOIL 1 & RECOIL 2, you were mistaken.

The end seems like Toyo Tires could come with another part and the stunt series might continue. Fans are impressed by the video and it is quite clear from their comments. The number of views are increasing with time. If you have not watched ‘Recoil 3’ yet, have a look and let us know what you think.