Netflix in India – All You Need to Know

If you are excited about Netflix in India, here is what you need to know. The streaming service is now available in different parts of the world, including India. Though Netflix was expected to be launched in India in late 2015, it was delayed due to a few problems.

Since many internet users are keen to know about the subscription plans offered by Netflix in India, here is all you need to know about it.

Price of Netflix in India

The prices of the packages offered by Netflix in India are similar to the ones offered in the USA. The least plan begins at Rs. 500 per month, for which the users will be able to stream SD content on one screen. The next plan begins at Rs. 650 per month, and using this, users can stream HD content on two screens. For Rs. 800 per month, 4K content can be streamed on 4 screens.

The first month of subscription is free, but you will have to enter your payment details while signing up.

How to Signup

Signing up for Netflix in India is easy. You can either do it on or using your iOS/Android app.

NetFlix in inida


Netflix will be available on tablets, PCs, Smart TVs and it can be even watched using Chromecast or some other streaming device, which can stream content from your PC to the TV.


The only problem for Netflix in India is practicality. The prices of Netflix’s plans are much higher to HD plans provided by dish TV suppliers in India. On the other hand, FUP restrictions do not allow internet users in India to have unlimited high-speed internet connections.

For streaming one hour of HD content, the user will have to compromise about 3 to 4 GB of data. For 4K, it will be double that amount. Hence, there might not be many takers for NetFlix in India after a while, but the initial response could be interesting.