Features we would like to see in the iPhone 2015

We had a light hearted conversation this afternoon about the rumours related to the upcoming iPhone 6, at our studio. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were having an elaborate discussion about the features that we would like to see in an upcoming iPhone, it was not based on the rumours; it was genuinely the expectations each of us had for the iPhone of the future. So, we figured that we would call it the ‘iPhone 2015’ instead of iPhone 6 or any other goofy name. In this write-up, I will be listing out some of the key features that we would like to see along with some of the overly optimistic thoughts added by some of our team members, which I just could not have the heart to trim out.

Screen Size and Resolution

The whole thing started with the screen size, after a huge storm of suggestions, quarrels, tiffs and debates between the 4 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches and pretty much every parameter in between them, we came to a mutual understanding that anything less than 5 inches would easily fit into the pocket and anything greater than 4.5 inches would give a decent screen real estate. We’d like to leave the resolution to Apple although we doubt if they would go anywhere lower than the retina grade (That’s actually a good thing).

Memory… memory… memory…

We would like to see Apple giving us a range of options in terms of memory right from 32gigs and up to 128gigs. And a micro SD storage expansion is definitely in our list.

Looks do matter when it comes to technology

While we would love to see funky colour options, we’d still like to stick with the aluminium body construction which it gives it that ultra-premium feel. A user replaceable battery with a range of options to choose from would be an excellent addition.

The Eye of the iPhone

All of us at Wheels and Chips love pixels and we would like to see at least a 16 mega pixel snapper in the iPhone 2015 with a pixel size bordering around 1.5 µm along with an Optical stabilization and an aperture equal to or less than F/ 2.0. A 4k video recording feature is also a must have.

The brain

We leave the processing power to Apple, but an extra gig of RAM is definitely a must, along with multi window support that will make the device an efficient multitasker. A better Touch ID sensor and an NFC are things we would love to see as well.

Dreaming is not bad. Not bad at all!

And as for the overly optimistic part of our conversation, we would love to have a laser projected keyboard like the “Celluon Epic” that would make typing long essays for blogs extremely easy. This stems from our needs to write articles on the go (Thoughts don’t prevail for long, you know!). A few optimistic members also suggested that we had an auto stereoscopic 3D display (Google Nintendo 3Ds), this conversation was countered by the members suggesting a holographic display and this went on for about an hour.

We would also appreciate if Apple did not stick in their “Beats by Dre” into the box and gave us those better sounding ear pods instead (pun intended).

Written by: Abhishek

Edited by: Kemmy