Harley Davidson’s New Additions

The world’s most renowned automaker, Harley Davidson, has added a few items on its list. The new 2015 Road Glide has already been making waves quite recently and it is back on the road after a year’s break. We must admit that it looks better, although I personally do not like it. So here are a few pictures that we found. Haven’t ridden one yet, so we cannot tell you what we think about its performance.

073114-2015-harley-davidson-road-glide-04-530x389 (1) 073114-2015-harley-davidson-road-glide-04-530x389 073114-2015-harley-davidson-Road-Glide-black-RS-hi-res-486x389 073114-2015-harley-davidson-Road-Glide-fairing-hi-res-583x389 073114-2015-harley-davidson-Road-Glide-front-327x389

Apart from the Road Glide, looks like Harley has another important addition, the ‘Live Wire’. This is Harley’s first electric motorcycle, and it has definitely turned many heads, including ours. The Live Wire has many new features including a touch screen display and it indeed looks more futuristic and a little like the Ducati Diavel. However, Harley’s idea of going ‘electric’ is definitely something which other companies will have to fear about.

Harley_Davidson-LiveWire-ebike-rear-left Harley-Davidson7 Harley-Davidson-Livewire-3 Harley-Davidson-Livewire-5 Harley-Davidson-Livewire-electric-motorcycle-06 harley-davidson-livewire-electric-motorcycle-prototype_100470288_l Harley-Davidson-Project-LiveWire-2