VU 32K160M Smart TV – A walkthrough of the new Really Smart Android TV!

It is 60% the cost of an iPad and costs much lesser than the Moto X, but it has a 32 inch screen and runs on Android. Priced at Rs. 24,990 on Flipkart, the VU 32K160M Android TV brings you one of the best ever Android experiences till date.

Powered by a 2GHz Quad Core processor, an Octa Core graphics engine, and a 2GB RAM, this Smart TV can be called an Android Computer. And yes, there are a lot of preloaded apps, and it has Wifi connectivity too. You can do anything on this Smart TV from playing games, to watching a movie. There are 3 USB ports and two HDMI ports that help u hook up other devices to it.

Using these apps, you can do most things that can be done on your smartphone. This includes using Google Drive, browsing using Google Chrome and almost everything that you can do on a netbook, except that you cannot carry it with you everywhere. VU also claims that there is a preloaded XMBC player that helps in streaming live content, which is a service that is free of cost. You can also share content among various android devices through DLNA or Miracast. VU 32K160M also boasts of Achromatic technology that produces the darkest blacks and an advanced LED panel that that is thin and more powerful. With stronger glass, moisture resistant and dust resistant materials, VU 32K160M looks like a good Smart TV for India.

Bu though there are all these things, and the TV is HD ready, there is one thing that it misses out on. It does not have 3D. And for this price, we know it is too much to ask for, but VU 32K160M is not just a good TV for people who want 3D. Other than that, it is definitely a real Smart TV!