Datsun Go and Maruti Suzuki Swift Fail Crash Tests

As disappointing as the title might sound to you if you own one of these cars, Max Mosley, chairman of the Global New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) also stated that he was astonished to see how these kind of cars were actually on sale in India. Mentioning that India has great capability to become a “world leader in the automobile industry”, Mosley also mentioned that “Indian consumers are unaware of their own safety in case of a crash”.

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It is surprising to see that while most Indian newspapers and media are mentioning only about Datsun Go and NCAP asking Nissan to bring it down, no one has come out with the news about Swift. Only a few websites have mentioned this, and that too just in their headlines. Both the Datsun Go and the Maruti Suzuki Swift are unfit to be driven and must not be manufactured until their body shell is refurbished, according to the NCAP.

But it is disheartening to note that most Indian magazines and journalists have kept mum on this, while mainly focusing on Nissan.

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