What the WhatsApp Blue Ticks Actually Mean – Plus a Small Social Message

The WhatsApp ‘Blue Ticks’ recently created a hype on social media, since most people were wondering what it really meant. They were so bothered about these Blue Ticks that they wouldn’t even care if they were warned of being killed by an apocalypse. It’s the Blue Tick that matters anyway.

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Apart from whiling away our time on WhatsApp, new features like these help us waste more time in unwanted pointless gossips forwarded in the form of messages. Most people ended up typing page-long messages that WhatsApp is going to cost you and you will have to pay if you did not forward this message to others. Also, it mentioned some fellow’s name, saying that he was the CEO of WhatsApp and that he wanted this message to be forwarded. “If you forward this message, the Blue Tick will appear and you will not be charged”

Seriously? Oh, Wow! And thanks to the billion people forwarding that, my WhatsApp will now be free! Jan Koum is the CEO and Brian Acton is the co-founder of WhatsApp, for God’s sake. Not some jerk named Aarohi Deshmukh. And now, it is actually acquired by Facebook, which means Mark Zuckerberg controls it. Not just this, there are many similar forward messages circulating in WhatsApp which is a waste of time for others and waste of data for you. So, before you forward something, please verify if it is true. How long would it take to Google and find who the CEO of WhatsApp is? It just took me ten seconds! Before you use your fingers, please use your common sense.whatsapp-blue-tick-1

The Blue Ticks actually mean that the message you sent has been read by the receiver. One tick means that it is sent, two ticks mean that the message is delivered, and when they turn blue, it means that the message has reached the user’s device and the user has opened it. If you still do not understand, then this video explains it.

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