Ghost Ryderz at the Times Auto Expo 2014

Ghost Ryderz is a freestyle motorbike stunt team from Trivandrum, India. They have been voted as the best freestyle stunt time for seven consecutive times in India, and this team of daredevils has been performing some really daring and jaw-dropping stunts.

It was certainly enthralling to watch the Ghost Ryderz perform these stunts, but we also realize that these are extremely dangerous. Whatever you are about to watch now should NOT be attempted by anyone, anywhere. One of the stunt riders fell off and injured himself very badly. However,a motorcycle could prove to be very dangerous even on normal Indian roads, and The Wheels and Chips Journal strictly advises its viewers not to even try and perform any of these. These stunts are performed by highly trained professionals and they are not even 1% as easy as they look. A lot of expertise and practice put together by the Ghost Ryderz make these stunts look easy, but that is not how it really is. The Wheels and Chips Journal now presents the Ghost Ryderz at the Times Auto Expo 2014.

Do you like what you see? We loved it too. The Wheels and Chips Journal lives for people who love automobiles, gadgets, technology and research. Read more about the Ghost Ryderz on their official website. Please visit our Times Auto Expo page for more interesting stuff from the Times Auto Expo 2014.

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