Mercedes Benz GLA Class Walkthrough at the Times Auto Expo 2014

The Mercedes Benz GLA Class is the first crossover to reach India, after one year of success in Europe. Its pricing starts as low as 33 Lakhs, and this is indeed quite reasonable for such a great car.

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To be honest, the Mercedes Benz GLA has a lot to offer more than just looks. It is perfect for driving in any condition, especially on Indian roads, and this walkthrough that we managed to conduct at the Times Auto Expo 2014 will explain it. The exterior design of the Mercedes Benz GLA is a combination of a car and an SUV, and it makes many people guessing what it is. Also, the Mercedes Benz GLA has a decent size; it is neither too small nor too big, thereby making it suitable to drive in the city as well.

When I took to the driver’s seat, the gauges welcomed me with some stunning visual graphics. Unlike a normal Mercedes Benz sedan, the GLA sparks a sporty feel from the inside. The good thing is, you don’t have to do all the driving. The Mercedes Benz GLA has integrated systems that help you to drive the car, especially when driving in the city. It even senses your level of attentiveness and prompts you to take a break whenever necessary. The 7 speed dual clutch transmission will help in smooth maneuvering of the Mercedes Benz GLA and also renders the required power when needed. Cruise Control, Electronic Stability Program, and special Off Road suspension with better ground clearance make this an absolutely perfect car for the normal Indian drive. The steering is also tuned accordingly for off road driving.

The panoramic sunroof is a feature of the Mercedes Benz GLA that I should not miss to elaborate. This beautiful sunroof is perfect for an outdoor adventure or a leisurely drive in the city. With that said, the Mercedes Benz GLA Class comes in four variants, the GLA 200 Sport, GLA 200 CDI Sport, GLA 200 CDI Style, and the GLA 45 AMG, all models ranging from 33.33 to 72.16 Lakhs.

Written and Edited by Kemmy for The Wheels and Chips Journal

Special Thanks: TransCar India Pvt. Ltd. (Authorized Mercedes Benz Dealer)   

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