Storedot Battery Charger Makes Charging Ultrafast

Yeah, you read that right! Storedot, an Israel based Nano Technology firm, has come up with the idea of developing a special charger and a battery that can be charged in less than a minute.

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Although the firm made it clear that this device will only come for sale in 2017, Storedot’s batteries work on a new type of technology called ‘nanodots’. Nanodots increase the capacitance of the battery multiple times, when compared to a conventional battery, and this helps in fast charging.

Storedot says that these batteries are organic, and a live demonstration was carried out at CES 2015. A Samsung smartphone which was almost dead, was recharged fully in a time period that is equal to boiling water in a kettle. Storedot initially demonstrated this feature in October 2014, but has gone a long way since then.

The charging unit developed by Storedot looks like a smartphone case with four buttons on the inside of it. There are four metal contacts on the outside of the smartphone that come in contact with the buttons on the charger when placed accordingly. Then, the charging begins. It seems there is a Storedot app that provides statistics while the smartphone is charged.

Apart from this, Storedot is also developing a lot of other new products that seem to interest us. Displays, data storage, image sensors and bio medicine are now on their list. Storedot has a very beautiful tag-line ‘Inspired by Nature’ and we are pretty impressed with their products too. Visit our special CES 2015 landing page for more articles from the most fabulous Consumer Electronics show!

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