Intel Curie – The Button Sized Wearable Chip

It is certainly clear that wearables will be one of the chief trend setters this year, and at CES 2015, we have seen many wearables than ever before. Intel, the greatest manufacturer of electronic chips and processors, has now come up with a new chip that is set to take over wearable technology.

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At just the size of a button, the Intel Curie chip is an ultra low power SoC. It is quite similar to Edison, (Curie’s predecessor), but Intel Curie’s power consumption is incomparable to Edison. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich remarked that Curie would change the game of wearables. The company has also accredited Intel Curie to the Internet of Things theme at CES 2015.

Intel Curie Zoomed
Intel Curie Zoomed

Built with the Quark SE core as its base, Intel Curie can fit into any wearable. It will work on an Open Source OS and will stay connected through low energy Bluetooth. This makes Intel Curie the perfect chip for wearables, since it will aid in the increase of a better battery life.

Intel has been developing a lot of future products, but Curie makes it clear that the company as begun giving importance to wearables. Other Intel projects include biometrics and security applications. News is that Intel has also tied up with firms like Oakley and Fossil to integrate its wearable technology into products. Visit our CES 2015 exclusive landing page for more!

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