Volkswagen Golf R Touch Concept at CES 2015

Volkwagen revealed its Golf R Touch Concept at CES 2015, and it has proven to be an insight into how the German car maker’s future dashboards will look like.

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Dubbed as the Volkswagen Golf R Touch Concept, the name itself proves that there is the presence of ‘touch’ technology in this car. Yes, the Golf R Touch Concept features three large touchscreen interfaces, and also recognizes gestures from the driver. These 12.8 inch touchscreen systems help the driver control the car with the tip of his finger, and a 12.3 inch digital information system shows the normal speedometer and other dashboard instruments in a digital version.

Cameras in the Golf R Touch Concept recognize the gestures put forth by the driver and perform actions accordingly. Volkswagen believes that this will reduce extra stress for the driver when compared to manual controls and thereby increase safety. On the other hand, it has also accepted that the Golf R Touch Concept has systems which are very complex and challenging to develop.

Even the central console of the Golf R Touch Concept has touch features, which range from volume control to air conditioning and what not. All this comes with complete customizable options, wherein even the brightness, contrast, etc. of the touchscreens can be adjusted. The entire interior lighting ambience can also be controlled accordingly. There is not much to say, but the Volkswagen Golf R Touch Concept is indeed the future of Volkswagen’s driving. But we are happy in one way about this: The Golf R Touch Concept is not a completely driverless car. Visit our CES 2015 landing page for more!

Written and Edited by Kemmy for The Wheels and Chips Journal

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