OneWheel Production Version Displayed at CES 2015

OneWheel, a skateboard like personal transportation device with a ‘go kart’ wheel in the middle, was introduced at CES 2014, but that was just the prototype. At CES 2015, the OneWheel production version turned heads, as it seemed more practical and durable.

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If you are wondering what it is, this is what the OneWheel production version looks like. It is more likely the same in looks, when compared to its prototype, but there are many technical changes inside. The OneWheel production version balances itself when you get on it and it moves forward when you lean in that direction. Likewise, it slows down and stops when you lean backward, and moves backward for the same action, once it comes to stop. This is similar as in most personal transportation devices that featured at CES 2015.

OneWheel Production Version in Motion
OneWheel Production Version in Motion | Image Courtesy: OneWheel

But what makes the OneWheel production version different from the other personal transportation devices is that it is very exciting to ride. Unfortunately, we could not get our feet on this device, but a detailed article is posted on The Verge with a dedicated video. It was also mentioned that OneWheel production version is much better and practical than the prototype revealed last year. It is expected to reach a maximum speed of 12 kmph and might retail around $1300 to $1500. Visit our CES 2015 landing page for more from the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Written and Edited by Kemmy for The Wheels and Chips Journal

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