Prynt Smartphone Case Prints Your Photos Instantly

Yes, this is the next generation Polaroid. Featured at the CES 2015, Prynt smartphone case was one of the gadgets that caught the attention of onlookers, since it was a gadget (or an accessory) that almost every smartphone user would love.

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Prynt smartphone case is a pretty little smartphone case that helps you print your photos instantly.  All you need is a smartphone with a good camera. There is no need for wifi, mobile data, Bluetooth, or anything else. You just need to put your smartphone in the case and it gets connected through the USB port. Once done, you can use the button on the case to click photos and then print them in seconds, using the Prynt app.

Prynt Smartphone Case with Smartphone
Prynt Smartphone Case with Smartphone

Yes, in one sense, we are also doubtful about the quality of the printed photos, and whether they will stay or not for long, but we really appreciate the idea and the mastermind behind the Prynt smartphone case. You can register on the Prynt smartphone case official website, and a link to the video of the product’s latest prototype can be seen there. A Kickstarter campaign will be started soon, following which, the  Prynt smartphone case might come to sale. There is no proper info about the pricing at the moment, but we just hope that it it would not burn a hole in our pockets. Visit our CES 2015 Landing Page for more!

Written and Edited by Kemmy for The Wheels and Chips Journal

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