The 2017 Ford GT Revealed at the Detroit Auto Show

It is indeed good news that we will be seeing a new Ford GT. A sexy one, that is. Yes, the 2017 Ford GT was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show today, and it is a real beauty.

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What we loved in the 2017 Ford GT is the fact that Ford has tried to maintain the essence of the original Ford GT’s design, but has also given a futuristic touch to this new model. But the old supercharged V8 is gone, and the 2017 Ford GT will have twin turbo 3.5L V6 engine, which is believed to produce more than 600bhp. Also, the new EcoboostTM feature promises better efficiency. With plummeting gas prices, efficiency is out of the question for now, but there will be a time, when it will matter.

There are also many features that die hard muscle fans will miss from the 2017 Ford GT. The manual shift will be gone, and a paddle shift will take its place. There are too many buttons instead of gauges and other mechanical devices, and this means that the  2017 Ford GT is more electronic. But there is one thing that remains, and those are the upward swinging doors. In fact, that is a trademark feature of the Ford GT, and no one would want it to be removed.

At first sight, the color and the design of the 2017 Ford GT makes it look like a Lamborghini Asterion, and that is because Ford has improved its aerodynamics. The above video is a must watch to see the new 2017 Ford GT in detail. We loved it, although we think that the manual gear box and less electronics would have done more justice to this legendary super car. Who knows, we could get to see it in some forthcoming movie as well. Stay tuned for more from the NAIAS Detroit Auto Show 2015.

Written and Edited by Kemmy for The Wheels and Chips Journal

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