iPhone 6s To Feature 2 GB of LPDDR4 RAM

Recent rumours suggest that Apple might be installing a 2 GB LPDDR4 RAM unit on its upcoming iPhone 6s. Earlier, it was expected that Apple might go with an LPDDR3 unit since it is around 35 percent less expensive, and it was also speculated that Apple’s suppliers could not have made enough LPDDR4 units in the limited time assigned.

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In any case, if the rumours are for real, then it can be assumed that the organization is not facing production issues anymore since the RAM modules for the iPhone 6s are expected to be produced by three companies. The RAM modules of the new iPhone 6S will be produced splitting the percentage of production units with Micron-Elpdia producing 20 percentage, Hynix at 50 percentage and Samsung at 30 percentage. It is also worth noting that it was Mircon-Elpdia which was the facing production issues earlier and was behind schedule, but things have changed for the better, and as of now, no such issues seem to prevail.

LPDDR4 is two times better than the current LPDDR3, since it provides twice the speed and performance, while maintaining the same battery consumption profile of the LPDDR3.

It is also rumoured that the iPhone 6s will be ported with the Force Touch feature seen in the Apple Watch, but we are uncertain about this since it would be a big task for Apple to port the feature in such a limited time frame.

Written by Abhishek and Edited by Kemmy for The Wheels and Chips Journal

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