Jaguar C X17 Concept Revealed at the Detroit Auto Show

Jaguar has treated us with a very pleasant surprise at the Detroit Auto Show this year, and the early revealing of this stunning concept was not very much anticipated. The Jaguar C X17 Concept was revealed today at the Detroit Auto Show and I fell in love with it at first sight.

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That is because the Jaguar C X17 Concept is not just an ordinary Jaguar, it is a Crossover SUV. We know that Jaguar and Mercedes Benz have been rivals for many years, and Jaguar had been wanting to make an SUV for a very long time. This dream has been realized and the Jaguar C X17 Concept definitely looks promising.

But it is not just about looks; the Jaguar C X17 Concept has some amazing engineering too. This is a sports crossover, and it is built with aluminum. A lot of concepts at the Detroit Auto Show this year have followed pursuit of the aluminum body architecture, which was first popularized by Audi in its R8 series. While the front grille and the lights are prominently Jaguar trademarked, the Jaguar C X17 Concept really has a beastly look.


Jaguar claims that the C X17 Concept is intelligent, and these features are there to prove it. The All Wheel Drive system delivers more torque to the rear wheels and Torque Vectoring helps in better control of the vehicle. Different types of engines will be available for the new Jag, and it is also expected to be very fuel efficient. But another great feature is the ’rear exit detection’. The car keeps the rear passengers informed of vehicles approaching in blind spots, thereby preventing them from opening the doors during exit. Stay tuned for more from the NAIAS Detroit Auto Show 2015.

Written and Edited by Kemmy for The Wheels and Chips Journal

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