Spy Video of The Tesla Model X Shot While Testing

After much delay, it finally looks like the Tesla Model X is ready to roll. The first electric crossover from Tesla, which created much hype when released was expected to be launched in 2014, at least towards the end of the year. But even after the P85 D was showcased, there was no update on the Model X.

But a spy video of the Tesla Model X, shot a while ago, surfaced on YouTube and it is spreading virally. Elon Musk could be happy about it, but we do not really know. The location where the spy video of the Tesla Model X was shot is believed to be at the former Alameda Naval Air Station in the San Francisco Bay Area; California, to be less precise.

The Tesla Model X was conceptualized in 2012, and it made many people go ‘wow’ because it was the first in its class: A complete electric crossover. The spy video of the Tesla Model X reveals that it is almost ready for production, but again, we cannot be sure if it will hit the roads soon. Only Elon Musk has to answer.

There is no official information on this, but a Tesla insider has confirmed that the Model X is being tested. So, if you are waiting to buy one, better keep your fingers crossed.

Written and Edited by Kemmy for The Wheels and Chips Journal

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