Flow Boiler – A Boiler That Saves Energy

British company Flow Energy has developed a new type of boiler that generates electricity while boiling water. Yes, you read that right.

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Using simple principles of thermodynamics and thermal engineering, Flow Energy has developed a boiler that can save at least 20% of emissions in households. Apartments and community dwellers would benefit from it, but it can be incorporated in an independent house as well. The Flow Boiler, as they call it, works on a very simple idea. But the fact is, it works!

A normal boiler uses gas to heat water, and it is then sent to the taps through pipelines. A lot of energy is wasted in this process. But the Flow Boiler does not directly heat the water. It has two chambers which are connected to each other and there is a turbine between them. A high pressure liquid coolant is heated and vaporized. The vapor flows through the turbine called as a scroll expander, and this spins it fast, thereby generating electricity. This vapor enters the heat exchanger later on and heats up the water. Then, the vapor goes back to its original position.

The Flow Boiler has been welcomed  by many people, and the firm is all set to produce 15,000 units before its launch, and 200,000 units can be produced per year. Who would want to turn down a boiler that comes with a mini generator anyway?

Written and Edited by Kemmy for The Wheels and Chips Journal

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