Twitter Seals Deal with Google

A few years back, Twitter blocked all its contents from appearing on Google, as part of a security measure, but before that tweets were appearing in search engines, especially Google.

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The news is that Twitter has again decided to make all tweets indexable on the search giant and it seems that it has signed up with Google for the service. Twitter, like any other website, needs a lot of traffic, and when Tweets are indexed on Google it just happens. Of course, most people use google to go to a website they know of, because it makes things easier for all of us.

Twitter is the first micro blogging cum social networking platform that became a huge hit internationally. Almost every MNC has its own official Twitter account, except a few like Apple. Promotions and advertisements are the main revenue generators for Twitter, and with the Google tie up, there are chances of the promotional tweets having a greater range.

This Twitter-Google deal comes after the disagreement of Twitter with Google’s terms, and the display of its Tweets in 2011. Twitter’s traffic and user activity had been deteriorating in 2014, and this could have triggered this deal. However, there are expectations that Twitter’s profit will increase in the forthcoming financial year.

Written and Edited by Kemmy for The Wheels and Chips Jounral

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