Aston Martin DBX  – A Colossal Electric Crossover

By colossal, we did not just mean size. Aston Martin revealed a powerful concept at the Geneva Motor Show that is shockingly brilliant. In fact, no one expected that the Aston Martin DBX would be a complete electric crossover.

It seems that going green is the only way to stay alive these days. Imagine having a V12 engine with no fuel to run. Well, that is what Aston Martin could have imagined. The British automobile firm has definitely come out of its comfort zone to make the Aston Martin DBX Concept.

Though this picture does not signify it, this new CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) is really huge. It looks monstrous, but it is completely electric. No engine at all. So far, the only electric crossover SUV was made by Tesla, and it was called the Model X. Will the Aston Martin DBX Concept outrun Tesla? Well, Elon Musk has to answer. He’s probably going to say no anyway.

But the Aston Martin DBX is by all means a surprising car. It also has many new features including a drive by wire steering, auto dimming glass, and some heads up displays. Ceramic brakes will also provide regenerative braking power. Otherwise, the Aston Martin DBX maintains some unique characteristics, including the rear tail lights. Here is the gallery of the Aston Martin DBX Concept. We will come with more info as soon as we get updated.

Written by Kemmy for The Wheels and Chips Journal

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