Is the Toyota i-Road a Car or a Motorcycle?

That is a question Toyota has to answer, but according to me, it is a personal transportation vehicle. Toyota released a great video promo of its i-Road, a 3 wheeled electrical personal transportation vehicle,  that leans when it turns.

With dynamics similar to a normal motorcycle, the Toyota i-Road is a really nice vehicle to get through the city, especially in heavy traffic. I loved the way the car is designed, and more than that, I love how it works.

The Toyota i-Road leans while it turns, and this happens when the front wheels move up or down. There are no details about the specifications of the Toyota i-Road since the car is being tested internationally, but there a few good things to add to it.

The Toyota i-Road is a splendid car which is just the size of the motorbike. It has 3 wheels, thereby having better stability, and less chances of turning over, unless hit by some other vehicle. Since it is powered by electricity, it will come under the green vehicle category. That is another advantage.

But the Japanese automobile company has not revealed anything about the range of the Toyota i-Road, and that is pretty intriguing. But if it goes on sale, the Toyota i-Road will make a great commuter in countries like India and China, where driving is a huge problem.

I don’t know how to classify the Toyota iRoad, but let’s say that it is a cute little car on 3 wheels for now.

Written by Kemmy for The Wheels and Chips Journal

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