Selfie Shoes – What the S?

As crazy as selfie maniacs are getting these days, the gadgets that fuel the selfie madness seem to be getting crazier. The latest invention (or at least what they assume it to be) is a pair of Selfie Shoes.

The shoe has a pocket up front where you can put in your smartphone and shoot a pic. And yes, you will have to lift your leg to do it. A New York based brand by the name Miz Mooz has begun campaigning for these selfie shoes and it seems as though they are pretty much useless.

Aimed at selfie obsessed women, these selfie shoes are indeed one of the worst gadgets ever made. Like seriously, would you want to take a selfie with your leg? I would rather use a selfie stick. But guess what, Selfie Shoes really do not exist. You have been fooled. It was a spoof, made for April Fool’s day.