Tesla Model S 70D – Tesla’s Lowest Model Just Got Better

Tesla has launched its new model, which is the next upgrade of the already selling Model S.

The Model S could be called as the first most practical electric car ever built, and it had many credits to its name, but Tesla is not very happy with it now. One thing is that Tesla wants to enter the Big League of automotive manufacturers, and for an electric car maker, that is not easy.

Tesla has launched the next version of the Model S, and it has a suffix to its name. This iteration will be named as the Tesla Model S 70D and it is an All Wheel Drive (AWD) Car. Tesla’s previous all wheel drive sedan was the P85D and it sported some really exemplary performance.

But what about those who have a smaller budget? Tesla has an answer. That is the Tesla Model S 70D. This car is an All Wheel Drive Sedan, and that means it will be more powerful than the previous one. The Tesla Model S 70 D will replace the Model  S and chances are that the Model S will slowly cease production.

While the Tesla Model S 70D is really a good idea, people who have wanted to own a Tesla could now get the old Model S for a cheaper price.  That is what we expect, and we think Elon Musk is a good man. The new Tesla Model S 70D will be priced at $ 75,000, which is 5,000 dollars more than that of the Model S.

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