Gadget of the week: Sennheiser PMX60 ii

The term ‘Gadget’ has mostly been correlated with mobiles, computers and other gaming consoles, but there are other numerous little gadgets all around us that make our lives beautiful. With the throwback fever catching up everywhere, this week we decided to take notice of such a wonderful little piece of gadget, a headphone to be precise, the Sennheiser PMX60 II.

If you enjoy listening more than reading, please listen to the audio article!

The Sennheiser PMX60 is an on-the-ear type of headphone with a neckband. The headphones were at their prime during 2010 and were available as a freebie for Nokia’s 5800 Xpress Music edition phones.

The Sennheiser PMX60 is entirely made of plastic and is extremely light weight. During our usage so far, we haven’t felt any discomfort in using the neckbands although we did feel some discomfort in positioning the headphones properly during the initial stages of using them.

The audio experience of the Sennheiser PMX60 was a mixed bag. We noticed that it produces excellent highs, a tad too bright. The vocals were crisp and clear, it almost seems as if the mids and highs are the strengths of this headphone. The instruments felt beautifully articulated with excellent stereo separation and stereo imaging. The Sennheiser PMX60 II do not reduce noise, despite website claims that they are noise reducing. The very nature of these headphones prevents them from isolating or reducing noise. With that said, they are extremely loud and compensate for any ambient noise.

The specifications suggest that the Sennheiser PMX60 has a sensitivity level of 122 dB which makes them an excellent choice to be used with portable devices. The sensitivity level translates to the loudness of the headphones, and higher sensitivity levels mean louder headphones. They have a decent frequency response of 18 Hz to 21000 Hz which covers the entire hearing spectrum of the humans. It’s nothing extra ordinary, but it is good to know that the Sennheiser has it covered.

The downside of PMX60 is the fact that it has slightly recessed lows, which means that it has slightly less bass. They seem to be having a neutral sound signature and the bass lacks the thump. It’s not all that bad, it has a decent tight bass but it only noticeable at full volume. The Sennheiser PMX60 will not be able to satisfy the bass heads, although the thumping effect gets a little better when corrected with an equalizer, but it is still nowhere near the levels of the bass heavy headphones. The cushions also seem to wear out after a year of use and have to be replaced, in India the cheapest price we’ve seen for this foam is around INR 200 and the headphone now retails at INR 1800.

The Sennheiser PMX60 come with 2 years of much needed warranty since they feel a little fragile and we doubt if they would respond well to rough usage. They have been discontinued, but that shouldn’t stop you if you are willing to get your hands on them, since the headphone industry for the most part still uses legacy technology.

If you are someone who is not a bass head or someone who is looking for a pair of neutral sounding headphones that are pleasant to listen to and are willing to be cautious with how you throw you headphones around, then the Sennheiser PMX60 is the one for you.

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