This is a Piaggio Ape Car That Can Drift!

This is no ordinary drifting video that we came across on YouTube.  A few days before, a thought that struck someone from Prato RE in Italy, has resulted in a serious drifting frenzy. What’s noteworthy about this drifting machine is that it’s not a Nissan Skyline, but an Ape Car.

What we mean by the term Ape Car is the Piaggio LCV which is extensively used by many shops and firms in India for their local and sometimes even long distance transits. People normally call it as the Ape Auto. Of course, the stock engine of a Piaggio Ape won’t be able to favor that kind of mind-blowing drifts for a three wheeler. So how did this happen….??

The guys fit a powerful motorbike engine into the Piaggio, which makes the drifting feasible. Not only that, but they also increased the length of the rear track which creates a wide flat body frame makes the drifting easy and also creates a good space for the placement of the engine. One of the two Piaggio Ape cars looks like a typical Indian auto rickshaw that has been customized. Looking at the The smokin’ tires and the slidin’ drift, one would not say that it’s the body of the Piaggio that has been transformed, but some kind of small car that has been brought into a three wheeler. The wide tires in the rear and highly placed exhaust give the tuning of the Piaggio a good esthetic feel.

For a humdrum Indian Piaggio driver as his routine, this video will be amazeballs. On watching it someone might be of the opinion that an official Piaggio Ape race has been announced. Hope that happens soon, and the drivers in India get to speak of something proud.

Here is the Piaggio Ape Drifting Frenzy Video!