Datsun GO+ – The Larger Middle Class Car

The company that is making waves in the Indian 4 wheeler market, the Datsun GO has come with a new car the larger than normal middle-class family. You might want to meet the Datsun GO+ if you belong to this category.

We’re not sure what class this car belongs to, it looks like a hatchback, but its seating capacity is that of an MUV (Multi-Utility Vehicle). We can call it a station wagon. Remember the Tata Indigo Marina?

From the front, the Datsun GO+ looks like the Datsun GO. It retains the large grille and the lamps from the previous model. It looks like Datsun just elongated the back of the Datsun GO which gives the car an unbalanced look. The wheels of the GO have been retained as well. The little wheels and tires look too tiny, almost nano-esque.

Datsun Go+ Interior Aerial
Datsun Go+ Interior Aerial

The interior is roomy and comfortable. The car is packaged very nicely. The Datsun GO+ is the most spacious car that can be bought under 10 Lakhs, which is a feat for Datsun. What the seats of the Datsun GO+ lacked, though were padding in the back and head rests. The seating position is a bit upright in the middle and back row.

Another thing that needs improvement is the color palette of the interiors. The entire interior of the Datsun GO+ is in a shade of gray and black which looks dull. Datsun has a long way to go with respect to styling and interior appeal. The main console in the middle has the conventional AC vents and also houses the stereo and the AC controls and the gear lever at its base.

Datsun Go+ Interior
Datsun Go+ Interior

The glove compartment of the Go+ doesn’t have a lid. These features are available at the base models of several other cars, but the manufacturer could have kept these features for the top most expensive variant of the Datsun GO+. Another feature that the GO+ boasts of is the large boot space it has to offer. The rear 2 seater can be folded which adds to the boot space and is a huge boost to those requiring a budget car that can transport a lot of goods.

The Datsun GO+ comes fitted with a 1.2 liter 3 cylinder engine that makes 68 Ps of peak power and 104 Nm of torque and can go to 0-100 in 13.89 seconds. The gearbox is good and is smooth. Although sometimes the gears tend to grind when slotted in reverse which could lead to wear and tear in the long run.

The Datsun GO+ has a good breaking system and can stop with ease at higher speeds. Though another feature gone missing is the ABS braking system that most manufacturers cash in on.

Datsun GO+ has a fuel efficiency of 20.86kmpl which is comparatively more efficient than most cars which is good news for owners and people wanting to buy the GO+. The Datsun GO+ is priced at 3.81-4.61 Lakhs (Ex-showroom Delhi).