Automobile of the Week – Tesla Model S P85D

We recently observed Earth day on April 22nd, and as an automobile enthusiast, I wondered how bad we pollute the environment.

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While most automobiles on the road are burning fuel these days, there are a few companies that come up with green cars. One of them is Tesla. Though a green car is not completely green (considering the manufacturing process and electrical energy used to run the car), they are at least 75% less polluting than normal ones.

The Tesla Model S P85D is the most amazing electric car in the world till date to me. The car just broke a record, travelling from New York to Los Angeles in 58 hours and 55 minutes. That is some great news for a completely electric car, cheers to Tesla, and the team which pulled it off.

But if you are thinking that the Tesla Model S P85D is just a normal electric car that is not fun driving, think again after watching this.

The normal Model S has only  rear motor at the back, and that is too good for normal driving, but there are people who shun electric cars because of their performance. But the Tesla Model S P85D has two motors, one in the rear, and one in the front. Tesla calls this Dual Motor Technology and that is what ‘D’ in the P85D stands for. This same technology will be implemented in the P70D as well.

But the Tesla Model S P85D has something more fantastic. That is the insane button. And what happened in the video above is the result of activating the insane mode in the Tesla Model S P85D.

We wanted to find an electric car that was something more than average, but the Tesla Model S P85D was way beyond that. Hence, it takes the place in the Automobile of the Week section on The Wheels and Chips Journal for the week.

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