Meet Daniela – The Wooden Vespa

Some of the timeless classics from the automobile world just have to stay. One of them is the scooter brand that everyone loves – The Vespa.

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Portuguese carpenter, Mr. Carlos Alberto, has gifted a Wooden Vespa to his daughter Daniela. He even named it so. No wonder this scooter existed in the dates from post-World War II; the time originally when Marques Vespa and Lambretta brought in the existence of various models of scooters.

However, we love the finish that Mr. Carlos Alberto has brought to his masterpiece. The idea of carving this Wooden Vespa hit Mr. Carlos’ mind when he was lying in his bed, pinned down with flu in the year 2001. When asked how, he said that he had come across an article, in which an Italian artist made motorbikes out of wood. Carlos wanted to surpass his works with this epic model, The Wooden Vespa.

But he began carving only in the month of October 2007. And at last, the work on the Wooden Vespa was fully over by the month of July 2008. To honor the support of his family, he named the scooter Daniela. According to Carlos, any carpenter who takes meticulous craftsmanship in making a wooden shelf will know the toil involved in creating this Wooden Vespa.

The Wooden Vespa takes the design of the 1957 Vespa Allstate with the same exact dimensions. The frame of the Daniela has been sculpted to look like a single wood bent accordingly. The whole construction of the scooter consists of ten different types of wood compressed together in order to gain stiffness. The varnish coat on the scooter is fire proof.

What makes the Wooden Vespa functional apart from being just a wooden replica of the 1957 Vespa is the same 1957 Vespa Scooter’s 50cc engine, for which Mr. Alberto has exuded a lot of sweat to find one. This engine speeds up to 46mph. The whole scooter weighs 107 kgs which is 20 kgs more than the original weight of the 1957 Vespa.

Daniela must be really thankful to her father for such a priceless  gift. But unfortunately, the Wooden Vespa has been refused from being legally driven on roads. The scooter is also being approached with high-priority by the Vespa Museum in Germany.

Here’s how the Wooden Vespa was made.

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