Gadget of the Week – Intel Compute Stick

Technology is becoming more portable with every hour. Intel, the company that manufactures most of the processors used in computers, has come up with yet another invention that has caught us by storm.

If you haven’t heard yet, it is the Intel Compute Stick – a computer that is the size of a thumb drive (a fat one though). The technology is not something impossible to do, or a great feat in itself, but the way Intel had put it forth is what makes the Intel Compute Stick amazing.

Imagine having a thumb drive that works as a computer. That is what the Intel Compute Stick actually is. The advantage is that you could use it as a computer on other devices. For example, a projector. There is no need to carry a laptop. You would just need the Intel Compute Stick. Of course, the keyboard and the mouse would be necessary, unless Intel comes up with some other input device, specially designed to be compatible with the Intel Compute Stick.

The Intel Compute Stick is not yet produced, but unlike automobiles, every gadget that is a concept goes into production these days. According to Intel, the operating system on the gadget might not be limited to Windows. This means that it could feature any OS, which could even be Linux or Android. It can be connected to a device through the HDMI port.

Google has also been developing a device similar to this which could run on the Android or the Chrome OS. Pretty soon, there might be other tech firms producing such devices. Brace yourself, the era of the pocket computers has arrived.

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