What is the Apple Watch Tattoo Problem?

If you are a person with a tattooed wrist who wanted to buy an Apple Watch, then think not once or twice, but 100 times before you really get one. This not our opinion, since we did not try wearing an Apple Watch on our tattooed wrists. We do not have tattoos on our wrists in the first place.

But many users who have tattooed wrists complain about the Apple Watch Tattoo problem. The first issue was reported by a Reddit user. It has not even been two weeks since the Apple Watch was released, and now it has problems.

What really is the Apple Watch Tattoo problem? When a user with a tattooed wrist wears an Apple Watch, the device looses digital contact with his skin quite often. Users are required to enter a passcode or a security key after they wear the Apple Watch. This is similar to the standby function on a smartphone. But according to the manufacturer, there is no need to re-enter the passcode every time, unless you remove the watch and wear it again.

This is because the Apple Watch has a skin sensor, which will detect contact with the skin of the owner, and will lock itself if removed. It is a security feature, but sometimes this kind of features become annoying. We just hope people with tattooed wrists haven’t opted for the $10,000 Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Tattoo problem is worse for darker tattoos. The darker your tattoo, the better the chances of your Apple Watch malfunctioning. But not only does the Apple Watch lock itself, the Apple Watch Tattoo problem is more complicated.

The sensor even fails to give proper heart beat rate readings. Those who are not clever enough to understand that, might die of a heart attack because of seeing false readings. Apple has not commented anything about this yet. But we know what Tim Cook might be saying.

“The Apple Watch is not meant for people with Tattoos. We never mentioned that it is compatible with tattoos in the features section on our website. The Apple Watch is an amazing device, but tattoos… nope, they are not amazing” (He really did not say this).