Ford Mustang India Bound This Year

Ford has confirmed that it would be releasing its most sought after muscle car in India this year. We had earlier mentioned that a spy photo of a right hand drive Ford Mustang was circulated around the internet. This meant that we had a chance of a Ford Mustang India launch, but it was too early to decide back then.

This muscle car has been famous among Indian enthusiasts and it is also an iconic model. With the 2015 Ford Mustang India bound, we really cannot wait to see it on the roads. Compared to the other sports cars, the Ford Mustang India version is expected to have a better ground clearance. The car is pretty solid, and hence it would do well on rigid Indian roads.

The Ford Mustang India version is expected to be priced around the 70 Lakh margin, and a few dealers have confirmed that it is true. But it is up to Ford to decide, and they could also cancel the plan at the last minute. However, if we have a Ford Mustang India version, it is expected to be launched towards the end of this year, during Diwali.

Ford Mustang India Convertible Prototype

India is now home to many sports cars, and Ford should have brought the Mustang at least some 5 years back. But they never wanted to, God knows why. But this is some great news for Mustang fans from India. Even if you are not able to buy one, you could spot one if you are lucky.

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