This is How the 2017 BMW M7 Might Look Like

BMW is all set to revamp its mid-range sedan Series. After the german automaker spent some pretty good time with the 3 Series and the M4 coupe, next in line was the 7 Series. For now, the BMW M5 is one of the best performing sedans in the world, but will the BMW M7 live up to its expectations?

The all-new 7 Series is expected to be released in 2017, and there are many new models coming in. As usual, BMW identifies its performance oriented models with the ‘M’ tag. The BMW M7 is no exception. BMW introduced the “Efficient Dynamics” concept for its previous models. The design of the cars was more aerodynamic when compared to the previous versions, and we have to admit, we missed the previous box-shaped design very badly. But curves are good, and BMW taught us that the hard way.

But now, the BMW 7 Series will be based on the “Efficient Lightweight” concept. Based on the information given by the firm, these cars are expected to be at least 130 kgs lighter than the previous models. The video teaser, launched by BMW last month, showcases a few features of the 2017 7 Series. You will be a bit surprised to know about this.

BMW is planning to bring the technology of the BMW i Series (the most intelligent Series) into the M Series. This means that the BMW M7 will have the ‘Carbon Core’ technology. The entire backbone of the car’s structure will be made of Carbon Fiber. Carbon Fiber is stronger and lighter than even aluminum, and it is used as the backbone of most racing vehicles. BMW is always known to manufacture the ‘driver’s car’ and that makes it clear why the company is doing this.

There are additional features that the BMW M7 will have. One of them includes remote control parking. With the touch of a button the BMW M7 will roll out to you. The remote will also come with an LCD display. The all-new 7 Series will also come with gesture control. While these features are expected in all the other new 7 Series versions, the BMW M7 will definitely have them.

BMW has not yet revealed the design of the car, but we know that you are waiting to see it. This rendering by TopSpeed gives us an idea of how the BMW M7 might look like. With a few inputs from BMW, the TopSpeed team has rendered this image of the BMW M7.

2017 BMW M7

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