Automobile of the Week – Avtoros Shaman 8X8

Yes. This automobile has 8 wheels. More than enough justification for it to be featured on The Wheels and Chips Journal’s Automobile of the Week section this time.  The Avtoros Shaman 8X8 SUV is the God of SUVs. While the Mercedes Benz G Class was fondly known as the SUV of the Gods, this one is even beyond that.

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Avtoros, a Russian firm that manufactures trucks and heavy duty vehicles, has named this 8 wheeled beast perfectly. ‘Shaman’ is an ancient word, whose simplest translation could be ‘healer’. The Avtoros Shaman 8X8 is powered by an Iveco F1C 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine. This vehicle is not designed to achieve high speeds, but to be traversed anywhere.

A ZF 6 S 400 six-speed manual transmission helps the driver to utilize the best of the engine. The Avtoros Shaman maxes out a solid 146 horsepower. The top speed of the ATV is 80 kmph (50 mph) and this is not at all bad for a vehicle this big. This 8X8 monster claims its territory in terrains where no other land vehicle can go.

The Avtoros Shaman 8X8 can be driven almost anywhere. Deserts, snowy lands, swamps, rocky mountains, and even the steepest slopes. What about water? Yes, the Avtoros Shaman can handle that too. It has a body that is designed to float on water and tires with variable pressure. All this can be controlled from the driver’s seat.

Avtotos Shaman

The variable tire pressure thing is an idea stolen from the Humvee, but the Avtoros Shaman definitely has more potential than that. The ATV is gigantic. It spans for a length of about 6 meters, a width of about 2.5 meters, and a height of 2.7 meters. A total of 10 people can be accommodated, but the driver’s seat is stand-alone.

Avtotos Shaman

The dashboard looks like a combination of a tank and a spaceship. There are  three steering modes namely on road, off road and crab mode.  When “on road”  is engaged, the first four wheels of the Avtoros Shaman turn. In the off road mode, all the 8 wheels turn, and in the crab mode, the wheels turn sideways, making the vehicle move like a crab.

Avtotos Shaman

Undoubtedly, this is a true beast. We would love to take a spin in one of these monsters when we visit Russia sometime. With that said, the Avtoros Shaman 8X8 is definitely the God of the SUVs.

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