Gadget of the Week – The Ecocapsule

The word house has so far brought wooden constructions or brick and mortar buildings to our imagination, and we’ve always pictured it to be a firm, immovable, property, but that’s about to change soon. Although a big house is a wonderful asset, it’s not exactly easy to maintain, and when it comes to relocation, it is not always easy to build a house. This week, we look at a gadget that also doubles up as a house.

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Researchers have conducted a lot of experiments with optimum space utilization by proper arrangements of necessary things. Most of this research has shown that smaller houses are easier to maintain. Couple smaller houses with portability, and what you get is the solar Ecocapsule. It almost seems as if this is what each one of us has been wanting.

The Ecocapsule is a product of a company in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is basically an egg-shaped caravan type of structure which not only looks space age, but packs in features that sound so and top it off, this tiny little home is touted to be really comfortable as well. This is the future of living, where gadgets become life size.

The solar Ecocapsule is designed by Nice Architects. Apart from being chargeable by electricity, it has the ability to produce its own energy by using solar and wind power. It is also fitted with equipment that can filter dew and rainwater. The roof is equipped with the Solar cells, that produce the solar energy while the wind energy is produced by a 750 W motor that’s fitted with a retractable motor.

The interior of the Ecocapsule

The Ecocapsule is about 8.2 feet tall, providing enough room for even those of you 6 footers out there. It is 14.6 feet long and 7.6 feet wide, which is almost the size of a main hall in matchbox apartments. The figures might sound small, but the designers have packed it with almost everything you could ask for in a house. It has a shower, a toilet, a table, two chairs, a folding bed, a small kitchen, some storage spaces and a functional window.

The plan of the Ecocapsule

Nice Architects have conveyed their plans to stage their Ecocapsule in the Pioneer festival in Vienna later this month. They have also planned on taking orders by the end of this year and aim to deliver it by early 2016. No word on the prices has been disclosed so far, but we do know that it will cost you around 1,500 Euro to ship it to Australia, while it will cost a whopping 2,200 Euro to ship it to the US regions.

Ecocapsule Wind Energy

Nice Architects have also stated that the Ecocapsule is extremely portable. It can be relocated to any destination easily by a towing machine or by even a pack of animals and for international or long distance relocation, you can always load it on a ship or air-lift the Ecocapsule.

How to transport the Ecocapsule

It seems that the landscape of the living space is drastically changing. Very soon, it will not be the amount of space that counts, but rather the amount of utilized space that will be the subject of importance, as the population is ever growing, and the amount of space available for residence is gradually decreasing.

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