Can a Rally Car Be Driven Without The Steering Wheel?

Rally cars are one of the meanest machines ever made. They are built from strong components and are built to last whatever the terrain and the weather could be. So all the systems in a rally car are built around the idea that the driver should not be losing a race because of the car and its components. In other words, they are built for endurance.

But is it possible to drive a rally car without a steering? They use an electronic steering that is very different from our conventional steering systems, which are in used in conventional cars. We use a system called power steering that is controlled by the ECU of the vehicle. Our system won’t work if the car is switched off or something happens to it.

Rally cars follow the theme of independent functioning of their components so believe it or not the steering system works even when the steering wheel comes off. Yes, it is possible in a rally car to drive the vehicle without a steering wheel. In reality, the steering wheel is just an accessory or an extension of the steering hub to make steering easy.

In case of emergency, and if the steering wheel pops off the rally car, the racer can still continue the race by just driving using the steering hub on which the steering wheel is mounted. This video shows a rally driver who adapts to the situation when his steering wheel pops off.

Want to be a rally driver? Yeah, it is not easy, mate!

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