Audi Q1, Smallest Audi Crossover Yet Rendered

Audi tried to enter the compact SUV segment with the Q3, but sadly, it was an epic fail. More compact ones like the Ford Ecosport came into the market and swept the Q3 out of its segment. Audi cannot be blamed because it is a luxury car maker, and it is not quite easy for the firm to enter the compact SUV segment.

But Audi has refused to call it quits. The German automaker is all set to enter the compact SUV market with another crossover dubbed the Audi Q1. This will be the company’s smallest crossover produced till date. Luxury car manufacturers do not want to lose any more money.

With the number of automobiles increasing with time, the traffic on the road is getting denser. Especially in Asian countries like India, most people prefer small cars that would help them squeeze through traffic. But what is worse is that people in Europe have also started to show their affinity towards small cars and compact SUVs. Hence, the Audi Q1 will be a much-needed car for the company.

The news is that automobile giant Toyota is all set to manufacture a few compact SUV models. The Audi Q1 crossover is believed to hit the road in 2016. Audi has not revealed the complete design yet, but one of our friend publishers, TopSpeed, has released a rendered image of how the Audi Q1 might look like.

2016 Audi Q1 Rendered Image by TopSpeed

The Audi Q1 looks more like a hatch rather than an SUV, and we think that it is inspired by the Audi Q3. It would also be great if the Audi Q1 has the Q3’s engine with similar features. There are also speculations that it would be a hybrid, and we also hope it comes to India.

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