Evinrude 300XP 2 Boat Engine in a Race Car!!!

What would happen if you take an engine that is meant for the boat and put it in a drag racer? This behemoth is what you get! We found this wicked creation from a Youtube video. It is one of the sickest engine swaps ever, and we were really stunned to see it. Moreover, this engine sounds really awesome.

The engine featured in the video is an Evinrude 300XP 2 stroke motor that is normally found in a boat. Instead, a few guys decided to tune up the engine and adapt this 2 stroke V8 for a drag racer. Yes, it sits under the bonnet of a drag racer. Kinda ingenious don’t you think?

This Evinrude 300XP 2 made its debut in 1985 and is a 3.6 liter V8 and it comes in two variants a GT version and twin version. Although they were originally thought to make only 270 hp, in reality, the Evinrude 300XP 2  made more than that.

It was estimated they made at least 373 Hp @6250RPM, a hundred more than the originally intended hp given by the manufacturer. Well, it packs quite a punch on the performance scale, but on the fuel consumption scale, it failed miserably.

Like most two-stroke engines, this too was a fuel guzzler and had a poison of choice the 91 octane. This engine is renowned for its speed and its sound is beautiful for the ears of an auto enthusiast. It was a bad engine choice for boat owners who only went on recreational boat rides but it certainly made a good engine for a drag racer. The Evinrude 300XP 2 is renowned for its speed it was ideal for the quarter mile.

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