Apple iPhone iMessage Issue Takes its Toll

It appears that the Apple iPhone and iPad have an inherent bug in its iMessage service which causes the entire system to crash when it receives specific messages. The problem has been narrowed down to the non-Latin scripts like the Arabian, Marathi and Chinese.

This particular bug crashes the entire system and pushes it into a reboot mode and at times does not allow the user to open the iMessage hub even after it is done rebooting. This is how the bug actually crashes the system. When an iPhone or an iPad receives a message, it tries to intimate the user by a banner or lock screen notification.

The system tries to abbreviate the incoming message and attempts to place it in between ellipses. At times, due to non-Latin scripts, the ellipses mistakenly get in between the characters of the actual text which crashes the system and forces it to reboot. Apple hasn’t officially issued a bug fix for the iPhone iMessage issue yet.

“We are aware of iMessage issue caused by a specific series of unicode characters and we will make a fix available in a software update.” – Apple

Till a fix is available for the iPhone iMessage Issue, it is advisable to turn off your lockscreen and banner notifications in both the iPhone and iPad. If you are one of the unfortunate ones lot who have already received a buggy message, here’s how you can fix it. Open the ‘Photos’ drawer, select a photo and send it to the person who sent you the buggy message, that somehow bypasses the issue and opens up the iMessage, thereby allowing you to delete the buggy message.

We hope Apple urges to fix the iPhone iMessage issue as this can cause serious security problems if it is exploited in an undesirable way.

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