iBall Slide i701 – A Spectacular Windows Tablet at 4,999 INR

Ever wanted to experience the new Metro  UI of Windows on a budget? Then this is probably the device for you! Priced at INR 4,999 on Flipkart, you can buy the iBall Slide i701 here, and we think it is completely worth the price tag.  We were even shocked to see it the first time.

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It is packed with features and specifications at a price point which is cheaper than any other Windows Phone/Tablet and yet it promises to deliver a complete Windows 8.1 experience. That’s right, a complete full blown Windows 8.1 experience (trust us, it is not the Windows RT). You can almost run legacy applications like WinZip and even play Minesweeper with it.

Legacy applications that do not require much RAM will work just fine with the 64-bit 1.33 GHz quad core and the Intel Bay Trail Z3735G chipset is a very capable unit. In fact, it hangs out in the same league as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series and for times when intensive processing power is required, the Intel chipset can turbo boost up to 1.83 GHz to keep things running smoothly.

The bundled display on the iBall Slide i701 seems to be decent. It has a screen estate of 7-inch with a resolution of 1024 x 600 which puts it right in the HD territory. Although we have moved way past the HD resolution, it is still great to know that iBall has managed to pack in so much at such a minimal price point.

But not everything is absolutely perfect, there were some  things in the iBall Slide i701 with which we were not happy. The available 1 GB of RAM is sometimes insufficient for running multiple tasks simultaneously, and certain applications like Adobe Photoshop might not even work with this set up, but all the Windows 8.1 applications and games from the Windows Store should work just fine.

The 3,200 mAh battery is just borderline average and lasts hardly 4 to 5 hours on average usage. The bundled cameras are absolutely useless for anything except video calling. The rear is rated at 2 MP while the front is a 0.3 MP camera. The internal 16 GB memory in the iBall Slide i701 appears to be sufficient on paper, but the actual user available storage is hardly 7 to 8 GB and an external MicroSD card is an absolute must.

The iBall Slide i701 also comes with an OTG cable included in the box, which is a nice addition for a budget tablet. An amazing feature in Windows tablets like the iBall Slide i701 is that it can be connected to a keyboard dock and used as a laptop. You can also connect the tablet to an external HD TV through the HDMI port along with a keyboard and a mouse, and use it as a desktop.

The overall build quality of the device is average. There are thick bezels around the screen and the rear is rubberized. This makes the iBall Slide i701 quite durable and provides a great grip to ensure that the device doesn’t slip off.

The iBall Slide i701 comes at an asking price of INR 4,999 which is cheaper than the majority of the Android tablets and with a processor that’s almost flagship grade, the iBall Slide i701 is an irresistible tablet. What’s more amazing is that the tablet will be upgradeable to Windows 10 as soon as it is available.

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