Amazing Truck Drifting by Michiel Becx

While most of us find it difficult to even drive normal cars on the road, this truck driver stuns us all with his amazing skills. If you had ever tried driving a truck, then you would know how difficult it is to even drive one on normal roads. There are too many blind spots that you will encounter and even with advanced technology, we would not say that truck driving is a smooth thing to do, let alone truck drifting.

You might have heard of Ken Block, the popular rally driver who stunned the internet with his drifting videos. This man, Michiel Becx (Becx TDS Racing) has got some amazing truck drifting skill too, and in case you have not seen this video, we wanted to put it across. We do not know how long he has been driving (drifting) trucks, but it looks like he has something more than experience to show off something like this.

The MAN truck here is a modified rig, but Becx performs the stunts Ken pulls off on a normal 4 wheeler here. Yes, that includes even some of his signature stunts. Before you go ahead and watch this video, remember that it is not always common to see a truck drifting on the tarmac.

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